12 latest UI/UX design tips and tricks that you can’t afford to skip

With the increasing demand for Website Development Services in India, the competition has become fierce. You can find at least one website design and development company in every commercial building of every big city in India.

So what makes a good company stand out from the herd?

In this scenario, UI/UX design plays a very crucial role in the success of a website or an application.

Do you think that’s not true?

Think of this: you click on a link that takes you to a very boring website. The graphics are not only boring but they look like they were randomly placed. Half the pages have one colour and the other half have a different colour. Some pages have a hero image, some don’t. All in all, it looks like a toddler was given a handful of mismatched beads and he strung them together without caring about the shape, colour or size of the beads.

Would you linger for too long on that website? I’m willing to bet that the answer would be a hard no.

Similarly, if the users are not able to find what they are looking for in a website or an app, then they’re likely to go somewhere else.

You must be wondering, what can I do that will help me with retaining users on my website with UI/UX design?

The problem with the latest web design trends is that they keep changing continually. For some, it might be good news but for others, it’ll lead to an increased amount of confusion. If the trends keep changing, then how can you improve your website design? Surely, nobody is expecting you to change your website’s layout every time a new trend pops up in the market, right?

Of course not. That would be dumb.

The smarter thing to do would be to learn some essential UI/UX design tricks and follow them religiously to design better websites.

Solely for that reason, we have mentioned 12 trending UI/UX tips that will show you how to improve your design skills and attract quality customers.



Every design has an aim and the aim is to reach the expected audience. The key to being a good UI/UX designer is knowing who you are designing for. As a result, identifying the target audience early on can help you in coming up with more effective designs and also give you a starting point to work from.

Keep this in mind that, as a designer, you have the power to visualize and decide what will be a user’s journey when they visit the website. This will help you understand how to design better.


In order to become a good UI/UX designer, you have to think like a user first. To begin with, you should try thinking how a user will interact with a particular website, web app or mobile app while exploring it.

So, think about what is that one thing that the user is looking for and what are the challenges they face. Similarly, think of ways to eliminate these challenges with your design in a way that it will be easier for the user to find things.


Most websites these days have the scrolling feature. However, no one likes to keep scrolling to get to the end of the website. Because it can get very frustrating.

Firstly, there are many types of scrolling such as infinite scrolling, fixed-long scrolling, and parallax scrolling, etc. In short, best UI/ UX design practice is to understand what type of scrolling to use while designing. This can decide whether a user will stay or your website or rush off to a competitor’s website.


Most certainly, typography is the way to make the words present in the design come to life. And good typography is invisible.

Thus, typography in UI should be such that it looks beautiful but at the same time doesn’t interfere with the readability of the content.

If the readers find it difficult to read, that means as a designer you have done a bad job. This is why you should always pick typography that helps users seamlessly navigate through the content.


From 2014 to 2019, there has been a rise of almost 15% in the number of mobile internet users around the world. That explains how it important it is to design a website in a way that its layout is optimized for mobile.

As a UI designer, it is vital to know how to design a responsive user interface using flexible layouts, images, and cascading style sheet media queries and more.

To become a successful UI designer, it important to educate yourself about best practices in responsive web and app design and follow the same. This helps a great deal in giving a great experience to the users using different devices.


As Leonardo da Vinci correctly said that, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

Latest web design trends in the modern world are all about minimalism and simplicity. So strive so simplicity and clarity, making it easier for the audience.

In addition, try to keep the layout and buttons as simple as possible. Make use of elements like images and colors to add the visual appeal.


It often happens that you, as the designer, know about features that your users might not. It’s a good idea to get others to test the website once and get their review on it.

Ask friends/ colleagues who are not familiar with the app/ website to use it.

By observing how they use the website/ app and where they might have questions will help you design a great UI/ UX design.


Once you are done creating the design, it is important to test the product and then test it again.

This is an important UI/UX design tip that helps improve the user experience. So make sure that the menu bars, toolbars, buttons, fonts, and icons are functioning the way they are supposed to function.


When it comes to best UI/UX design tips and tricks, one cannot stress enough on the importance of images for attracting users.

Using attractive images enhances the visual appeal of the website/ app, and it helps the user to navigate effortlessly.


Do you know how important page load time is from SEO perspective?

It is an important factor if getting an excellent conversion rate is your motto. If a website takes too long to load, the user finds it frustrating.

Subsequently, he abandons the website and moves to another one which is quick and easy to use.
Hence, make sure that you enhance the speed of the website by following best UI/UX design tips and tricks.


So imagine if you had clicked on a link to a blog article on UI/UX design tips and tricks and got an error message on the screen instead?

You’ll probably end up not trusting that website entirely.

Errors on a website can be caused due to many reasons. Having broken links or 404 errors on a website creates a bad impression on the viewers.

As a result, a viewer may decide never to revisit a particular website. Therefore, you should beware of such negative aspects and remove them as soon as you find them.


A Call-to-Action (CTA) button’s primary purpose is to generate more leads. A CTA that fails to generate leads is as useless as a white crayon.

Here are some good UX design practices that will help you build better CTAs on your website.

  • Text: Every CTA used on an app or a website should consist of phrases that are attractive and compelling. Such words prompt users to take the desired action. For example – buy now, learn more, start a free trial, etc are some great call-to-action buttons.
  • Size: The size of the button should be in proportion in such a way that it stands out from rest of the options and doesn’t look like it was placed awkwardly.
  • Color: The color of the button should call attention towards itself and basically scream Click on Me! However, it should also go with the background colors and blend it so that it doesn’t give a horrendous effect on the aesthetics of the website.
  • Special effects: Some animation, shadow, gradient, etc are a good way to draw attention and will help you draw attention to the CTA button.
  • Placement: People usually say that a good CTA should always be above the fold. However, there are many people who prefer to know a little more about something before submitting their details. So keeping a CTA below the fold might help you gain more trust and provide information to the user.


These UI/UX design tips and tricks can help you a great deal in making the UI/ UX design more promising and grow your conversion rate.

Implementing these latest web design trends will help your customers have satisfied experience which will bring in quality traffic to your website.

If you tried these tips, let us know which ones worked for you and which didn’t!

Also, comment below to tell us which tricks you use for your website designing.

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