Hiring a web design agency? Read this first

Looking to hire a web designer? We know it seems like an unnerving job. Too many people speak the code and the good ones always seem to be overburdened with work all the time.

Yes, maybe your cousin’s friend is good at coding and has built a WordPress website. Or maybe that weird friend from your school is working at a software company and claims to get your website built within a week. But should you be trusting them?

While there’s probably nothing wrong with any of them, we recommend that you hire a professional web design company. This might incur higher investment from your pocket, but it will be so worth it in the end. But how to choose a web design company?

With so many website design and development companies out there, it can become a Herculean task to choose the right one for your business. On the surface, all the companies may look the same and provide the same services, but as you begin to dive deeper, it is only then that you understand the true value of a good web design company’s expertise. This is one of those tasks that you should not take lightly.


Listed below are 13 key points that will help you a great deal.


So imagine you’re playing Secret Santa in your office and you end up being the Santa for the new guy. You have no idea what he likes, what size his clothes are or what are his hobbies. Hell, you can barely remember his name on most days. How will you get him a gift then?

It’s a similar situation when you are looking to hire a web designing and development company. Even before you start searching for a web design agency or a freelancer, it is crucial to outline your needs. Outlining your needs will determine the type of team you will choose to work on your web design project.

Whether you are looking at a small redesign project or an entirely new website will influence who you’ll be working with.

Will the website be an e-commerce site or a social media platform? Does it require email integrations and custom layouts? Integral information like this should be listed down priorly and shared with whosoever you decide to work on your project.


The process followed by a web design & development company is crucial as it ensures that the goals and deadlines are met. The company you hire should ideally give you a timeline for major deliverables and key milestones. This will help you know when to expect them. You can also plan your availability for the reviews, approvals, and feedbacks accordingly.

An agile process can save time and guarantee great results. On the other hand, a lack of proper process can lead to a delay in the launch of the website and plenty of frustration alongside.


When hiring a web designer, you should discuss the cost of the project up front and in detail. As a result, you can avoid any confusion and issues in the future.

Some questions you must ask are:

  • How much are you willing to spend on the project?
  • Will they bill you on an hourly basis or fixed cost basis?
  • Does the contract cover unexpected delays, unsatisfactory work, and other hitches in the process?

Be sure to check into exactly what you will get out of your investment. Make sure you are aware of the services you’ll get in the price quotation.

Depending on your budget, you may need to choose between hiring a web design company or a freelancer. However, you need to remember that although a company may charge more than a freelancer, the services they’ll provide will be in sync with their rates and you’ll get premium quality results.


Although this is not the most important factor, it is a crucial one.

Hiring an agency that has designed websites for your field will be a point in your favour. If the agency has designed websites for businesses similar to your own then they’ll be able to understand your requirements more easily.

It will make it simple for them agency to understand your needs and then customize the website to suit them. If they have experience in your field, they are more likely to deliver a high-quality website to you.

Not only that, being experienced in your niche, they will be able to suggest functionalities and features that you wouldn’t know about. This will help you be in line with your competitors and maybe get ahead of some of them. Thus, if you’re wondering what to look for in a web designer, experience in your vertical should be a notable point on your checklist.


Have you ever been to the home of a plant-lover? They usually bend over backwards showing you their green babies. Those people are so proud of each new flower, each new fruit and every new seedling, that you can’t help but feel some of their excitement too.

Similarly, any web design and development agency, that has been in business for a while, loves to show off their portfolio. Take your time to go through the collection of their past work. It will help you determine whether they have what you are looking for.

Avoid a company that hesitates to show you their past work. Hesitation is usually an indication of them trying to promise more than they can deliver. Their portfolio will also help you see their growth over the years and understand their expertise.


Customer service is usually given more importance than the price. There are many customers who are willing to pay more to get the right experience. Because ultimately, as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us, respect by others is an actual psychological need that is extremely important for humans.

Go for a company that offers excellent customer service and are professional in their approach. Their communication skills need to be impeccable and reliable as you will need constant updates on how far the work has gone.


Next important factor that you need to consider when deciding what to look for in a web designer is whether they get their tasks done in-house or outsource it to someone. Don’t hesitate to ask if the company performs all the tasks in-house.

This may include design work, coding, content creation, marketing, etc. A team that has expertise in all areas is likely to merge all talents and create a successful site.

Also, when all the tasks are performed in-house, it results in better communication, collaboration, and even better results. And that’s the ultimate goal for your project, isn’t it?


Know how many employees does the company have and their areas of expertise. Figure out if they will be able to handle the scope of work. Who will be the point of contact and how many people will be working on your project? Can you get all of the key players together in an initial video call to put faces to names and test the waters?

The quality of employees is much more important than the quantity of the employees. An ideal web design agency is the one that can handle all your needs quickly and efficiently while also having the right tools at their disposal to ensure all requests are properly seen to.


Yes, it seems like a lot of pish posh to continue paying someone even after the project is complete. After the completion of a website design project, there can be a requirement of ongoing maintenance and support. From small bug fixes to critical security updates that impact your search ranking, your site is a living entity. It needs as much attention post-launch as it gets during the design and build stages.

Does the agency provide support and maintenance services post project completion?


This can play an important role in helping you decide which agency to hire for your project. Check if the company has reviews on Clutch or Skilled.

Do peers of the web design agency recognize it through accolades and awards? Do people invite the leaders of the agency to speak at events, conferences or workshops?

This is an excellent way to distinguish between good and bad web design and development companies in India.


In your quest to partner with a web design company, it is very crucial to scrutinize some aspects thoroughly. This includes their website, content, social media profiled and overall digital presence. Check if their website is fully functional or if it has broken links.

Are they publishing new and quality content on a regular basis? If they aren’t following best practices related to web design & development, then how can you be sure that they will for your business?


If there is an issue regarding the service provided by the company, like an error or a bug, how do you reach out to them? Do you have to email them or call their office? Or is there a way to talk to the concerned person directly via call?


Some web design companies retain the copyright to their work. Confirm who will have 100% ownership over the site once completed. Areas of ownership include the graphics, content, and code. Also, ask whether you will be provided with the original design files.

Hiring a web design and development agency in India that can successfully complete your project can be a massive task. This is especially true if you don’t know what to look for. But we hope that our guidance and suggestions were helpful.

No matter what questions you ask the agency, keep one simple thing in mind – the success of your project should matter just as much to your chosen web design agency. Do your homework, present all of your needs up front, and don’t be afraid to ask all of the questions mentioned above – and more!

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