How to create enthralling UX designs?

Booking an airline ticket, learning a new language, or ordering dinner sounds easy, but it really isn’t. Especially when you’re doing it on a website. That is unless your website has a UX design that is enthralling. Today, UX design is the new buzzword. Every company is trying to capitalize on the usability of their website for providing users with a superior UX. In this article, we’ll talk about what it takes to create enthralling UX designs using the right web design principles. So, here goes:

Create a simple, friendly, and approachable interface:

Quite often, in the past, websites were designed keeping in mind the aesthetics and the brand without much thought about how people would use the website, that is, what the user experience would be like. That has changed, however, with brands drawing in the user using an accessible and not-at-all intimidating interface.

Use large and readable text:

With easy-to-read text, you can design a website that keeps the UX front and center. Websites with readable text are a joy to use and do not distract users from their main purpose. For example, if you sell airline tickets, you can create a website with text that draws the user in. You should place it in a way that allows them to concentrate on their main task – booking airline tickets. You could list flight timings and prices front in large, readable text.

Create small animations that capture user attention:

If you create small animations, you can encourage user interaction with your website. Ensure each section of the page has a strong call-to-action so users can easily get to the next step. The pages should also be easy-to-scroll for better accessibility.

Allow users to explore and experience products:

This should be the case especially if you are designing an e-commerce website. It will allow the users to explore and experience products, even if they cannot actually touch them. Rather than cramming all product information into one static layout, you can let users interact with the product page by expanding and collapsing different elements. This is UX innovation at its best.

Nearly sort content based on categories:

This applies mainly to news and content providers. If you sort the content using a simple and elegant design, you will make it easy for users to access the content. This will enhance their user experience.

Ensure an easy signup process:

This is important for any website. Do create a signup process that is brief, simple, and functional, and has limited steps for an effective user interaction. You can provide an enjoyable user experience, with an emphasis on visuals and positive reinforcement during the signup process.

Create a clean, simple, and functional checkout process:

Again, this works for an e-commerce site wherein the user wants to buy your product online. Ensure that your checkout process is simple with only a few fields in the form for a simple user interface. This way, you can avoid intimidating the users when they try to check out the products.

Enable mastery of the art of micro-interactions:

You can include micro-interactions between the user and the website, to help encourage and acknowledge the user. These micro-interactions are tiny moments of communication between the platform and the user to reinforce or prompt an action.

So, now you know what goes into creating the right UX design. With the design genre and process still evolving, it is only a matter of time before new approaches to creating simple and functional yet elegant website designs crop up. Here’s to enthralling UX designs!

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