Social Media Scheduling Made Easy and Quick

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat… there are just so many of them. As much as we agree that each social media platform has its own benefit, we cannot ignore the tremendous amount of time consumed in posting the same creative across various platforms.

Being a social media manager requires smart efforts rather than hard work.
If you deal with multiple social media platforms every day, we understand your plight. Scheduling posts for social media is not an easy task. And if you are handling more than one client, it can turn your life into chaos.

So, to save you a ton of time we have jotted a few tips to speed up your social media scheduling process.

What is Social Media Scheduling?

Social media scheduling is the activity of scheduling your content on various social media platforms ahead of time. This has many benefits, including saving your time and setting you free up from the constant responsibility of posting. The benefits of consistent posting are something we cannot ignore.

Establishing a brand image on social media requires consistent posting of relevant content.
The time and number of posts depend on multiple factors such as industry, target audience, type of content and more. This requires planning the posting in advance, creating visuals when necessary, and posting them on all required platforms.

So, we are already aware that this task is quite time-consuming. And ignoring a few posts is definitely not a way out.

For example, let’s say you are running a contest online, which is a series of 5 posts. If you forget to publish just one of the posts on the day it was meant to go live, it can disrupt the whole campaign. Hence, it becomes necessary to maintain a strict posting schedule.

Thankfully, most social media platforms give the liberty to schedule a post in advance. But, we say, why waste time in scheduling the same content on various platforms when there are apps to simplify the job.
Apps such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Agorapulse are the most recommended by social media experts. These apps allow you to schedule the same content across various platforms in a single go.

Above everything, as we said earlier, smart work is what you need to do. Here is a list of social media marketing tools you wish you had earlier.

Benefits of Social Media Scheduling

  • More engagement
  • Easy management
  • Consistency

Social media marketing companies generally use post scheduling because of the convenience it offers.

More engagement

If you dive deeper into social media insights, you’ll know that some hours of the day are better for posting than the others. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram show profile-specific statistics. They give information on when the maximum relevant audience is online when the post will reach more people, amongst other data. Thus, one can track down the best time slot for their profile. And posting in that slot could lead to more engagement.

Easy management

Going through the process of scheduling a post every day or multiple times a day can be a tedious task. Whereas, scheduling allows you to upload multiple posts at a time. This way, you can save the posts of a week or more in one go, and rest assured that they will publish themselves at the desired time and date.


If you are wondering how to efficiently manage your social media, the answer lies in scheduling the posts. When you schedule multiple posts together, you lower the risk of missing one. Additionally, if you schedule them for a given time slot regularly, your followers can keep better track of the content you share. This way, scheduling posts gives your profile a satisfying consistency.



How can I speed up social media scheduling?

  • Create a weekly schedule
  • Install a browser extension
  • Select suggested media
  • Reuse well-received content
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Plugin blogs and RSS feeds
  • Avoid redundant posting

The benefits of your social media scheduling are aplenty. However, scheduling multiple posts for multiple platforms can take longer than you think. Therefore, we bring to you some tools that can come in handy. Let’s discuss how to speed up your social media scheduling process.

Create a weekly schedule

The workload can be best handled by creating a plan for your social media posts. You can decide the number of posts, the time of publishing, and more.

For each post of the week, you can decide the exact time in advance. Thus, you don’t have to stress about managing deadlines. You can add multiple posts to queue for a single day, for every day of the week. Thus, no matter the number of posts, you can stay relaxed.

And since you are going to post on more than one platform, you can customize plans for each different platform the way you like. This way, you can manage the best posting time for each social media platform efficiently.

Install a browser extension

Many online tools provide specific help with social media scheduling. By downloading their browser extension and including it in the browser you use for posting, you can use multiple features they offer.

Some of the extensions we recommend are Later, Sprout Social, Buffer, and Tailwind. According to the need of social media marketing services, the tool can be chosen. One has to see the features it offers and the platforms it is compatible with, along with the budget.

The extensions usually allow you to schedule from the web, from within a post, or line-up retweets on Twitter. While scheduling an article, you can select the text you want to highlight from the article on your SM post itself. Additionally, some platforms also allow you to schedule the same post for multiple times, all at once. This may be an advanced feature on some platforms.


Select suggested media

When you are sharing a post from a certain website, some online tools suggest media like images or videos from the same website for you to share along with it. This way, you do not have to waste time surfing the website for relevant visuals or downloading them. This remains as one of the unique shortcuts to speed up your social media scheduling process.

Reuse well-received content

There are some days when you haven’t got the time to make posts and schedule them. To save the day, you can be smart about your posting. On such days, you can reshare some of the content that did well on your profile the last time you shared it. This way, it will reach even more people. And of course, it will be counted as the day’s post. Best of both worlds, isn’t it?

And how exactly do you know what was received well? It’s simple. You just have to go to the analytics feature of that social media platform. In it, they will show which post was viewed the most, which one gathered the highest engagement and more things on the same line. Now, you don’t reshare the most-viewed post to retweet or reshare. We suggest you go for the one that received the most likes/comments/retweets. For such engagement shows that the users really appreciated the content. And that is more important than just seeing a post.

Bulk scheduling

This is one of the best ways to save time and speed up your social media scheduling. Usually, companies schedule a week ahead of their posting. However, if you’re too busy for a certain month or season, you can schedule well ahead of it.

For example, let’s say you have to run a campaign around Christmas. And you know that the week collides with job holidays and extreme work awaits you in the days before that. In such a case, you can start scheduling the campaign posts a month or two in advance. This way, you get one thing done on the list in advance and focus on other things that have to be done in those days.

Plugin blogs and RSS feeds

If you are regularly posting content from your own site or some other, you may want to plug in the addresses to these sites on your publishing platform. The links can be incorporated on platforms like WordPress easily.

Plugin Blogs And RSS Feeds

In doing so, you can publish content automatically by just using the share feature. The content goes out as soon as it is published on the original sites. This saves you time in managing the posts and reposting them on your social media. Also, it saves you the time of scheduling such posts every now and then.

And if you’re not using a platform like WordPress, here are some of the tools you can make use of. – This tool fetches the content from around the internet. When you share some material, automatically integrates its images or other visual content into your post. Moreover, it scans and fetches the best performing content from your profile and reshares it automatically to keep the social media post schedule going.

IFTTT – If This, Then That also allows you to plug in a blog or RSS feed from across the internet. It can be used to add as a post on your social media profile. Moreover, it allows for much customization and is thus loved by users.

Avoid redundant posting

This is one of the easiest ways to save time as a social media manager. By putting out irrelevant or too much content on your social media, you are wasting your time. You could instead use this time in organising the content and planning a publishing schedule. This will bring out better engagement while saving you the unnecessary hassle. Remember, your followers like seeing informative, relevant content. Quality is set above quantity when it comes to social media.

On Final Note

Social media scheduling can be quite a task if not done smartly. Getting used to multiple tools can be overwhelming at first, but trust us, they are your best friends. However, hiring or even getting the help of social media experts is always a good idea.

Social Media Marketing is such an essential part of digital marketing, we suggest you get your hands on it.

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