How To Market Your Startup Like An Expert

All businesses, no matter how big or small, can benefit from digital media. There are ample of blogs on digital marketing tips, but the struggle is to know where to start. We, at RareDevs, are here to make it simple for you. Learn about the most powerful digital marketing tips and tricks here. Right from a website to email marketing, we have got you covered.

Studies show that 34.8% of the Indian population uses the internet. And this figure is set to reach a generous 55% by 2025. As evident, the market of digital media is only going to grow with the years. So, by marketing your business on digital platforms, you will welcome opportunities and success.

However, just as everything else, there is a method to marketing business digitally, especially in a gigantic market like India’s. While the biggies use prodigious marketing strategies, it is not advised for small businesses. The marketing plan for small businesses differs in multiple ways.

For example. A big brand like Apple uses front-page newspaper ads, big hoardings across the country, and TV ads to market their products. Whereas, a small business cannot afford such ploys. They can be too harsh on the pockets. Moreover, they may not work effectively for small businesses.


How to get started with digital marketing?

  • Build a website
  • Market via emails
  • Make use of social media
  • Feature on local listings
  • Employees as brand influencers
  • Hire a digital marketing expert
  • Publicize content

In 2016, Indian marketers set aside a budget of nearly 19% for online marketing activities. While you set to become a part of this group, we bring you some ideas, targeted to aid small-scale and local businesses. These tips will help you to understand which digital marketing plans to embrace and why.

Build a website

The first step to creating your presence on digital media is by making a website for your business. Your website can work as a gateway for letting new people in. It can be used for multiple purposes. You can directly sell products on it. You can also make people aware of your business in terms of the services you provide.

Moreover, a website works as the identity of your business on the internet. With it, you can talk about the history of your business and the clients you have served. You can also invite people to contact you. Serving multiple purposes, a website is perhaps the biggest marketing strategy for a small business in India.

And while you’re already making a website, you might as well go the extra mile and involve SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps in improving a website’s visibility rank. If the content on your website is search engine optimized, the chances of attracting traffic on your website are higher.

Build A Website
Google searches for related, informative content when users search for something. If the content on your website matches the search engine and user criteria, the chances of your website’s link appearing on the first pages of the search are higher.

Thus, using a website, you can reach a vast audience. It can help in the growth of your clientele and make a good impression while collaborating with other companies.

Market via emails

Believe it or not, it is till date one of the most efficient features of digital marketing. If only people were more aware of its advantages.

Emails, to date, prove to be an effective method of digital marketing for small business owners. By maintaining a mailing list of people who have shown interest in your business and your prevailing customers, you can help your business significantly.

Sending weekly or monthly newsletters of the progress you are making, the clients you are working with, and the new tactics you have used can bring many customers your way. People like to see the kind of work you are doing, and if it impresses them, they would consider hiring you.

You can also use emails to inform people about sales, special offers, or to send them digital festive and personal wishes. Keeping in touch with your customers and your business circle isn’t only a professional formality but also a tactic to market your work online.

Want to learn more about email marketing? Here you go.

Make use of social media

We have all surfed through memes and connected to people on social media. But there’s more to these apps. They are a substantial platform for online marketing. Serving as a small business digital marketing strategy, social media can help reach out to a local audience quite easily.

For example, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram help with area-specific marketing. This way, you can customize the audience you want to reach. Moreover, you can be creative while marketing on social media. By creating posts that are equal parts interesting and informative, you can increase your following.

Make Use Of Social Media
Additionally, by creating online campaigns and promoting them, you can get more people to talk about your services or products. You can also use features like page and carousel ads.

Above all, this kind of advertising requires fewer funds. Maintaining your social media page/profile with regular updates can work like magic for a small business. There are many digital marketing agencies in India that can offer their professional expertise in social media marketing.

Above everything, if you are giving social media a thought, here is the blog you need. 15 foolproof ways to fire up your social media marketing.

Feature on local listings

Reaching out to targeted users via local listings and citations is beneficial. Tools like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, and Sulekha can help address a local audience. By opening an account on GMB and providing information about your business and services, you can get many leads. Moreover, you can give business citations and check the customer reviews on such platforms. Here is all you need to know about Google My Business to get started.

One more way to connect with the local audience is by using website optimization for local-based marketing. By integrating your location on Google Maps, your business can be listed along with address, website, and contact information.

Thus, when a user is looking for services like yours around them, Google will feature your business on its page. This way, such listings can greatly help in digital marketing for local businesses.

Feature On Local Listings

Employees as brand influencers

No one knows your company as much as your employees. So why not take their honest reviews and use them to market your company? You can spread the news about your business by word-of-mouth, and get them to review the company, the products, and the services on digital platforms. They can also help by posting about your company on their social media, helping create a positive impression of the business.

Hire a digital marketing expert

If you are willing to go all in and do whatever is possible for the growth of your business, you can seek professional services of digital marketing agencies in India. It will not only reduce your workload but also give a refined and creative appeal to your digital media presence.

No, they are not always too expensive. All the funds you invest in hiring experts will pay off by the customers you attract through digital marketing. Most importantly, by hiring an expert, you create a sophisticated impression of your website and social media profiles. This helps in entrusting users about your business.

Publicize content

Content marketing is yet another crucial feature of promoting your business online. You can write articles and blogs which talk about the services you provide, to begin. Later, you can move to other aspects of your business, and provide information users can benefit from.

If a user comes across your website’s blog and finds the content useful, they may convert themselves. Meaning, that they may avail your product or service. Blogging is also a favourable way of increasing the visibility of your website. By including in your blog, the keywords related to your business that people tend to search for, you increase the chance of them finding the blog. If your blog becomes popular and gains major views, it will also increase the credit for your business.

Another tactic to content marketing is featuring an article related to your business in online magazines or periodicals. This way, a wide audience will come across your views and know about your company.

Final Words

If you have a business, you must try digital marketing. In spite of the audience you are targeting, be it local, national or international. Nurturing your business digitally right is what going to turn your Company to a Brand

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