Why you should use Google Tag Manager?

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics. Moreover, if you are a business owner or manager, you might be using it to forecast your decision making. You may have also used other JavaScript (JS) snippets for your website. For example, Facebook Pixel that can help you strategize and plan ad campaigns. However, have you heard of a new Google product, called Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management solution provided by Google. It is an “online tool”. You can use it for deploying, managing various marketing and analytics tags on a website or mobile app.

In other words, GTM is a user-friendly solution that can help you manage the tags or snippets of JS. These snippets and tags send information to third parties, on your website or mobile app. Using GTM, you can add various products to your website such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Prior to using GTM, you would have had to hard code the JS on your website or mobile app. Today, all you have to do is use the GTM interface to decide what needs to work, on what page and with what action.

GTM has a user-friendly interface that lets you walk through the tags one by one. Thereby it eliminates the need to know JS. You do not need developers and can take charge of the tags yourself.

Many people think that GTM is another word for Google Analytics. However this is not the case. GTM is a completely separate tool. In this article, we’ll talk a bit more about how and why you can use it to install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other JS snippets on your website. So, here are some tangible benefits that come with using GTM…

You do not need to edit website code repeatedly

You can place GTM container code on every page of your website. This acts as a container and can store and deploy several analytics and marketing tags. You do not need to hard code the website repeatedly.

You can test and deploy tags very quickly

Speed is often the difference between profit and loss for a business. With GTM, you can add, edit, test, or remove tags in a matter of minutes through a user-friendly interface. For example, if you want to add a survey to your website for one day, simply add the survey tag to your website via GTM, and then disable the tag once the day is over.

You can do advanced tracking

GTM makes advanced analytics tracking possible for your website. GTM has several built-in tags and variables through which you can do advanced tracking. What would take days, now takes minutes. For example, you can track all clicks on all external links on your website so you can determine how much traffic your website is sending out to other websites, such as advertisers.

Tag management becomes very efficient

You can add, edit, enable, disable, and remove all tags on your website from a central location. This is especially helpful when you have dozens of marketing and analytics tags on your website.

You can significantly improve website speed

When you use GTM to deploy tags, the latter are deployed asynchronously, which means that a slow-loading tag will not prevent other tags from being executed or fired.

You can use it for free

GTM is a free and robust tool. It comes with many features, such as usability, accounts and user roles, tag firing rules, and supported tags.

You are not limited to using only Google products

You can use GTM with other products not from Google. For example, Marin and AdRoll can be installed using GTM. Also, if you cannot find the tag you need, you can simply customize one. You can also add GTM to not only your website but also to your iOS and Android apps. So, the possibilities are endless.

You can avail of worry-free security

GTM has all the security features you need, such as two-factor authentication that requires both your normal password, as well as a numeric code that you will receive via a voice call, text message, or mobile app.

So, now you know why you should use Google Tag Manager to install varied JavaScript snippets and tools on your website and mobile. It’s a free and simple tool from Google that can make tracking as easy as anything. To know more about Google Tag Manager, click here. Here’s to simple and effective tracking!

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